VanDoren's Reading is Magic


VanDoren the Magician is an entertainer, magician, author, magic inventor, and lecturer, who has performed his art around the world performing around 400 shows every year. One of his favorite programs is his "READING IS MAGIC" magic show.

VanDoren's "READING IS MAGIC" magic shows are fun, colorful, interactive, motivational. It always supports a large audience but will also play well in a small venue. The colorful and interactive presentation of VanDoren's "Reading is Magic" Program leaves no child behind. The preschoolers will love the bright colors in many of the effects and will enjoy seeing their friends and older siblings on stage. Every year, VanDoren changes the show to fit the libraries summer reading theme but always includes his doves and rabbit in the show, a favorite of all the children. Most libraries support an audience of 120 or less, and many are so small they require the show to be performed in the main library. Whatever your situation, we can adjust our show to fit your needs. Just let us know. Please call us to learn more. The summer schedule fills up fast.

If our program is new to you, please check out the reference letters from several libraries on our reference letter page.